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Veronica German USA is growing and connected to numerous media groups in the United States of America: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Huffington Post, Maria Shriver's Women's Conference, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority (more than 300,000 members), the Black University Radio Network, Boone Pickens, Tavis Smiley and Cornel West Radio, among others. Veronica German USA has more than 250,000 readers on any given day (more than 96,000 subscribers on Facebook), of value to all people establishing a brand in a small screen market needing a publisher in their New Media Strategy. Our consultation fees ($77 per hour) and management fees of $100 to $1,000.00 U.S. Dollars per month.  We are able to establish a website with your focus and expose you, your blog, pdf files, reports and your insights to our entire international audience. Whether for one month or for one year, get back to us about your internet focus including the information for blogs you want to develop while presenting to your audience. Your brand needs exposure on the world wide web. New media by way of internet in the year 2018 has a bigger audience than network television and talk radio.  If you do not have a New Media Advertising Department, call us:

- Veronica German USA, Internet Media, Art and Life Coaching  

   (510) 697-0104, P. O. Box 1058, Alameda, CA  94501-0106 - USA